Datacenter Technician (EN)

Doorlooptijd 12 weeks
Datum en locatie September 4, 2023 in Amsterdam
Taal Dutch, English,
Initiator Azure Academy
Werkgever Various employers

Voor wie?

The training is suitable for anyone who would like to (further) develop in the field of datacenters or want to be retrained as an Datacenter Technician. A background in IT is not a prerequisite for this.

Wat ga je doen?

During this training you will gain all the knowledge and skills you need in practice. You will be introduced to the datacenter infrastructure, such as power, cooling and ict/network. You will learn about datacenter security, fire suppression and will become familiar with environmental sustainability. You immediately apply the acquired knowledge in realistic practical situations for optimal learning efficiency.
In addition to the above technical knowledge and skills, you will also gain soft skills: skills that are important to function well in the professional field: presenting, communicating, project management, personal leadership and applying for a job.
  • Microsoft Azure Fundamentals (AZ-900)
  • CompTIA A+


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You don't have to have datacenter experience. Experience in functions that have common ground with a Datacenter Technician is a plus.

Overige toelatingscriteria

You have good technical insight and analytical skills. You have an eye for detail and sufficient resolving power. Communication and advisory skills are important. The teaching material and exams are in English, so you must have sufficient command of that language, in addition to Dutch.


Before you can be admitted to the program, you go through a selection procedure. Based on a personality exploration, interviews and an assessment, we map out whether your profile sufficiently matches the role and the training program. In addition, you also have one or more interviews with an employer who is connected to this process and is looking for suitable and appropriately trained candidates. If the employer and the candidate agree on a future employment contract, an employment contract or a letter of intent is concluded.