About us

In 2017, ITPH Academy developed the Azure Academy in collaboration with Microsoft. With this platform we help everyone to grow into a function of Azure professional. The Azure Academy has Microsoft Azure related training and vocational training. Specially designed training programs for ICT talent. From the origins, inclusion and diversity play a major role and we have also developed a specific offer for this target group*.

For everyone!

Regardless of background, distance, or disability. Because everyone1 matters and everyone is needed. To this end, we offer practical training, education and traineeships at every level that meet the needs of the market. We do this in collaboration with all stakeholders2.

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  1. Students, workers, the unemployed, jobseekers, the less fortunate, refugees, people with disabilities, the low-skilled and the gifted.
  2. Companies, sector organisations, intermediaries and employment intermediaries, advocates, funds, vocational education and governments.