How does it work for trainees?

During our traineeships you will learn full-time in 8 to 26 weeks the skills needed for a start as an Azure Professional with a first or new employer. Participation is free of charge, but to be eligible for this you must meet certain conditions and go through a selection procedure of the employer.


Sign up for traineeship

If you are interested in one of our traineeships, you can register for it on the information page of the traineeship.


Go through the selection procedure

After you have registered, the selection procedure starts in which it is examined whether you are suitable for the traineeship and fit in with the organization of the employer. The way in which this is done depends on the employer involved in the traineeship.


Conclusion of an agreement

After successfully completing the selection procedure, you conclude an agreement with the employer or intermediary. This contains specific agreements about the study and employment contract.


Completing training

Once the agreement has been signed, you can start the traineeship. During the traineeships you will receive personal guidance from our coaches.


At work

After successfully completing your education, you will be employed by an employer. Together with your new employer, we ensure that you quickly feel at home in the new organization.



Once you have completed a traineeship, you belong to the select group of Azure Academy Alumni and we will always support you in your development as an Azure Professional. For example, as an alumnus we keep you informed of new and relevant developments, we regularly invite you to our free seminars and you can make exclusive use of our training offer for alumni.