Develop your staff into an IT Professional

The Azure Academy offers employers, employers organisations and intermediaries the opportunity to organise vocational training for new employees themselves based on programmes developed by us.

Vocational training

Short intensive full-time vocational training in which the participants are trained for a position as a (starting) Azure IT Professional based on a practice-oriented training, essentially a traineeship.

Short intensive full-time vocational courses
The basics are of course fully ready for each program. We make a clear distinction between programs for IT professionals who are being retrained and employees for whom the program is the start of their IT career. The full-time programs for IT professionals undergoing retraining have a duration of at least 2 weeks. A full-time program for employees starting their IT career has a minimum duration of 12 weeks.

In co-creation with your company, we agree on the exact content of the traineeship. Are you interested in a training program for your new (or existing) employees? Then contact us here.

Part-time vocational courses
Our part-time and supervised self-study vocational courses are training programs where we offer training toward a Microsoft IT Professional profession over a period of 4 to 24 months. Do you have a question about our training offerings, or would you like specific advice? Our training consultants will be happy to help you. Please contact us here.

‘We have experienced the collaboration with the Azure Academy as very special. After a successful internship, we have hired a status holder who now works as a Junior Cloud Engineer for our customers!’


Lifelong development

Training courses
After your new employees have started in their position, they can stay informed of new and relevant developments in the field of Microsoft technology based on our news items, free seminars, and exclusive training offer for alumni.

It is also possible to register employees in our training offer in preparation for a traineeship.

As an employer, how do you start a traineeship with the Azure Academy?

We use a unique and effective approach. In addition to obtaining current and recognized certifications, it is important that participants gain practical experience with the tools and techniques that are currently used in business and that flow out as self-reliant (starting) professionals. To achieve this objective, the Azure Academy uses the Project Based Learning methodology.

Capturing aspirations

In the aspiration phase, together with you, we determine the objectives for the intended training of new employees, the business case. We advise and make an inventory of the need.

Initiating the traineeship

In the initiation phase, we set up the traineeship on the basis of the above-mentioned business case. We make a planning and cost estimate. If desired, our partners will also support you in the recruitment and selection of candidates.

The traineeship

In the evaluation and completion phase, we complete the process. Successful participants officially receive the obtained certificates and certificate. Together with the client, we evaluate the process based on the objectives from the aspiration phase.

Lifelong developments

After the employees have started in their (new) position, they can, among other things, stay informed of new and relevant developments focused on the acquired Microsoft technology based on the exclusive training offer for alumni. We are happy to discuss the route per participant to stay up to date and career opportunities.

Leven lang ontwikkelen

Nadat de werknemers in hun (nieuwe) functie zijn gestart kunnen ze onder andere aan de hand van het exclusieve trainingsaanbod voor alumni op de hoogte blijven van nieuwe en relevante ontwikkelingen gericht op de opgedane Microsoft technologie.
We bespreken per deelnemer graag de route om up to date te blijven en doorgroei mogelijkheden.


If you are interested in a traineeship as an employer, please contact us here.

If you want to know more about our vocational training courses, please contact one of our training advisors. If you want to register an employee for a training, please leave your message here and we will contact you.