Are you looking for an IT specialist?

You are looking for a qualified IT specialist who can help you with solutions for working in the cloud, websites, web shops and data systems. But it is not easy to find the proper staff. You want these people to be properly trained, both practice oriented and up to date. But you also want to be able to shape them and teach them what is essential in your organization.

Social awareness

You consider social entrepreneurship and diversity to be important values. Therefore you thrive for a variety of people in your organization. You want to support individuals who have difficulties in finding a job. For example, people such as former refugees, people who have a disability or people who, for whatever reason, are unemployed for a longer time. You want to contribute something good to society and at the same time expand your organization.

Six IT-Learning tracks

Azure Academy offers IT-trainees in six different traineeships:

  • Microsoft Cloud Engineer
  • C# Developer
  • Azure Data Engineer

  • Azure Data Scientist
  • Azure DevOps Engineer
  • Azure AI Engineer

All trainees take a four or five month fulltime education. With not only attention to practicality and content but also to soft skills such as presenting, personal leadership and project management. 


ITPH Academy and partners Microsoft, UWV and Refugee Talent HUB take care of selecting candidates. Through interviews and assessments we test analytical and mathematical skills, process oriented thinking and the ability to solve problems.

Two month trial period

Candidates who have successfully finished the training can be employed with your company while keeping their unemployment benefit for one or two months. It is also possible to meet the candidate before the training starts and to be involved in the selection. By doing so you can provide input about the required knowledge in your organization and you know the people in whom you invest.


We ask for a contribution towards the training costs for hiring a participant in the Azure Academy. You only pay this if you have found the right match for your organization and want to offer a talent employment. With this you invest in the training of a highly motivated, well-trained new colleague. You also support diversity, inclusion and the integration of talent in your organization. The program is free of charge for participants. Together with our partners we cover the costs of this training program.

The training program in brief.


Selection is based on resume, convincing motivation, interviews and assessments.

16 – 20 weeks fulltime study

Theory and practice, combined with soft skills will lead to official IT certificates.

Business case

During the final two weeks the candidate will be part of a team working on a business case.

4 – 8 week internship

The candidate gets the opportunity to acquire up to two months of working experience.


Candidates get personal coaching during the traineeship and in finding an internship and a job.