The most asked questions:

I don’t live in the Netherlands. Can I still participate?

No, the training programs are only for jobseekers who live in the Netherlands.

When do the learning tracks start and how long do they take?

The training programs have different starting dates, which you can find on the information page of the study program. The programs take an average of 20 weeks.

How many hours per week is the training?

The time investment is approximately 40 hours per week, including self-study.

Are the learning tracks online or on premise?

Most lessons will be online for the time being because of COVID-19, in a special online learning environment. Within the guidelines of the RIVM applicable at that time, we look for each class in which capacity we can physically meet.

I receive benefits. How can I combine this with the obligations to apply for a job?

If you receive benefits and you are obliged to apply for a job, you must contact the relevant benefits agency in your municipality yourself. This way you can find out how the benefits agency deals with the application obligation and with the benefits if you were to participate in the Azure Academy. We can assist you with that. In that case, please contact us.

At what level should my Dutch and English be in order to be able to follow the training?

All teaching material is in English and some courses will be taught entirely in English, so a good knowledge of English is required. In many organizations, Dutch is spoken among colleagues, so a (limited) knowledge of Dutch makes it easier to find a job.

Will you help me find a job?

We help you find an employer and will put you in touch with different employers. Of course it is up to you to present yourself as well as possible! “Apply” is also part of the soft skill program.

Are there any costs associated with the training?

No, for you as a participant there are no costs associated with the training.

I have no experience in IT. Can I still participate in the academy?

You can participate in the application process. Part of this is an assessment that tests whether you are suitable for IT. A passion for technology is of course a requirement.

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