Frequently asked questions

Here you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

No, for you as a participant there are in most cases no costs associated with a traineeship. However, you must first go through the selection procedure of the employer concerned.

Our training and education fit well with the needs of the employers and make you very popular for the labor market. If you don’t have a job yet, then after following a training or education from the Azure Academy, it will be a lot easier to find one. Our partner Werk in het Vooruitzicht is happy to help you with that if requested!

In most cases, a traineeship is directly linked to a job.

All teaching materials are in English and some courses will be taught entirely in English, so a good knowledge of English is a requirement. In many organizations, Dutch is spoken among colleagues, so a (limited) knowledge of Dutch makes it easier to find a job. This is also discussed during the selection procedure of traineeships.

If you receive a benefit and you have an obligation to apply, you must contact the relevant benefit agency in your municipality yourself to find out how the benefit agency deals with the application obligation and with the benefit if you would participate in a traineeship of the Azure Academy. We can assist you with this. In that case, please contact us.

Usually, it is a combination of both on location and online.

The time investment is full-time and about 40 hours per week, including self-study.

The traineeships have different starting dates that you can find on the information page of the traineeship. The journeys take an average of 16-24 weeks.

Unless otherwise stated, the trainees are only for participants who live in the Netherlands.

There are both traineeships for beginners without experience and for experienced participants. This is stated on the information page of the relevant traineeship. In some cases, we advise you to first follow one or more training courses as a preliminary education.

Is your question not listed? Please feel free to contact us.