The Microsoft Azure Academy helps build a new career in the IT

The recent influx of refugees has brought a lot of new talent to the Netherlands. For a large group of status holders, however, it remains difficult to find the right opportunities and to be part of a working society.

Work brings satisfaction and gives meaning to life. In addition, there are currently more vacancies than job seekers. However, status holders, people with disabilities or people who do not have the required skills do not have easy access to the labour market. With the right opportunities, they get a chance to participate. Not only do they benefit from this, but also companies.

Due to the high demand for IT staff, many organizations have a significant challenge to fill their vacancies. To solve this mismatch in the labor market, we need to train as many people as possible for IT positions. With IT training programs such as the Azure Academy, Microsoft wants to contribute to solving the shortage of IT-skilled candidates and helping people with a refugee background to a new career in the Netherlands.