Ready for a next step in IT?

Are you looking for a job and is IT appealing to you? Then we have good news for you as many companies are desperately looking for IT staff. Nowadays almost all companies want to store data in the cloud. Data and properly built websites form the basis of a successful company. They are in need of efficient IT staff to help them to realize this.

The Azure Academy offers six fulltime and practice oriented IT traineeships which take four or five months. If you possess the proper qualifications and you experience difficulties in finding a job these traineeships are available to you at no costs.

IT experience is not required

In order to join the Azure Academy it is not necessary to have experience in IT. Affinity with IT and technical skills are more important. People who successfully have preceded you were educated in electronics, biology, mathematics or chemistry. Depending on the traineeship of your choice you will need a mbo+, hbo+ or scientific operating level of thinking and working.

English and Dutch

The teaching material for this training is in English. The lessons will be in Dutch or English and in the professional field you will often work with Dutch speakers. That is why sufficient command of both Dutch and English is important.

Theory and practice

During the training, you and ten to fifteen other participants will get all the knowledge and skills you need in practice. You learn the theory in class and with approximately 20 hours of self-study per week. You will work individually and in groups on practical assignments and the last two weeks on a business case. The ratio of theory to practice is approximately 50-50. If you go through all this properly, you will receive various certificates. You will receive individual guidance from a coach throughout the entire process.

Internship and employment

The Azure Academy has many connections with all kinds of organizations among which many customers and Microsoft partners. Because of this we know exactly which IT functions are in demand. These contacts may help you to find an internship and eventually a job. During your one or two months internship you are allowed to keep your unemployment benefit. If there is a mutual appreciation regarding your work you may well end up with a steady job. If not, you will most likely find a job with another company because of your certification and experience.

Application and selection

We will only accept those candidates who have the potential to finish this education successfully and find a job. Do you think that you are properly qualified? Please sign up and send us your resume and motivation. If you comply to the conditions we will get in touch with you. If it turns out that you are a suitable and enthusiastic candidate an assessment will take place. The assessment will test the following:

• thinking in a process oriented manner
• finding creative solutions
• ability to recognize coherence in unclear information

If the assessment shows that you are a suitable person a second interview will be held, possibly with a potential employer or a recruiter. If this goes well you will be one of the lucky ones who is eligible to participate in a traineeship which normally costs some € 10.000. Microsoft, UVW and (intern) companies will bear the costs for you, because they are confident in your potential and because properly trained IT staff is in high demand.

The training program in brief.


Selection is based on resume, convincing motivation, interviews and assessments.

16 – 20 weeks fulltime study

Theory and practice, combined with soft skills will lead to official IT certificates.

Business case

During the final two weeks you will be part of a team working on a business case.

4 – 8 week internship

The opportunity to acquire up to two months of working experience.


Coaching on an individual basis during your traineeship and in finding an internship and a job.

Many attendees preceded you.
What other attendees say about the Azure Academy.
‘The program was a great success’

The program overall was a great success. Gave many of us an easier step in to the Dutch labor market. Without the Azure Academy, it would be definitely much harder for us.

‘It gave me courage to start on a new path.’

“I will highly recommend the Azure Academy. It really helped me to open my eyes to new paths that I beforehand did not have enough courage to start with it. My deep thanks to all people who participate in this course.”

‘Great for the next step in my career!’

“The subject of Azure is remarkably needed and required in almost every single company nowadays. That is why I’ve experienced the Azure Academy as something great for the next step in my future career with great job opportunity”.