Course duration: 16 weeks

Draw conclusions and make predictions based upon data

Data Scientists apply machine learning techniques in order to train, evaluate and implement models which can solve problems for businesses.


As a data scientist you process large amounts of data into useful information, often for the management of a company. Think about sales and financial data. The work is similar to that of a data engineer. The data engineer only processes historical data into information while as a data scientist you also make predictions based on analysis. For this you use special tools, software and also elements of machine learning. With machine learning, you have computers learn through mathematical techniques without explicit programming in what to look for. In doing so they may also be able to find hidden insights.

As a data scientist you spend a lot of time thinking, figuring out and puzzling. If that leads to new insights, it will bring you a lot of satisfaction. You have contact with, for example, managers, project leaders, developers, data analysts or customers from whom you receive the data and with whom you discuss your findings.

You can work as a data scientist with, for example, banks, publishers, IT companies or multinationals in the field of production or retail. You can also become a consultant at a consultancy organization or work for external clients.

Training content

During this training you will acquire all knowledge and skills that you need in practical situations. You will get acquainted with Machine Learning and databases, you will learn to work with data, learn to program in Python and you will become familiar with the commonly used collaboration methodologies Agile Scrum and DevOps. You will apply your newly acquired knowledge in realistic practical situations so as to achieve an optimal learning efficiency.

The training covers the following topics:
• Scrum
• Databases
• Data Visualisation
• Descriptive Statistics
• Data Mining
• Python
• Data Preparation/pre-processing
• Predictive Analysis/forecasting
• Machine Learning
• Praktical assignment
• Soft skills training
• Self study (16-24 hours per week)

For Who?

• You possess an academic operating level
• You possess technical insight and affinity with IT
• You have mathematical and analytical skills
• You can think in a conceptual manner
• You can see things from a helicopter prespective
• You are able to make connections
• You are representative and you possess perseverance
• You have an eye for detail
• You are a perfectionist
• You possess resolving capacities
• You are creative and a genuine teamplayer
• You are proficient in English and in Dutch

Certification and exams

After successfully finishing the traineeship you will have acquired the following certifications:
• Exam AZ-900: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals
• Exam DP-100: Designing and Implementing a Data Science Solution on Azure

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