Course duration: 16 weeks

To figure out how and what for artificial intelligence can be applied in companies

AI engineers use Cognitive Services, Machine Learning and Knowledge Mining to develop and implement Microsoft AI solutions.


Computers can store so much more information and process and analyze it much faster than the human brain. Their artificial intelligence (AI) consists of two components: data and a self-learning algorithm. An algorithm is a string of instructions which leads to a certain result.

As an AI engineer you develop models and apply a range of systems in order to get insights, draw conclusions and make predictions. Among which there is machine learning. Mathematical techniques are applied to teach computers what to look for without explicit programming. The more they execute a certain task, the better they learn to perform this task. By doing so they can also recognize hidden insights that result into advice for the future.

As an AI engineer you research the problems and you try to find solutions. You are capable to explain complex technical solutions to others. You are dealing with managers, project managers, developers and data analysts or customers from whom you get input and with whom you discuss the results.

AI engineers particularly work in large ICT companies such as Capgemini and Microsoft who deploy AI for their customers.

Training content

During this training you will acquire all knowledge and skills that you need in practical situations. You learn how algorithm work and how to deploy them. You will get acquainted with Machine Learning and Azure Cognitive Services, you learn how to work with Data Science and Infrastructure AI tools and Neural Networks. You will also get to know popular cooperation methods such as Agile Scrum and DevOps. You will apply your newly acquired knowledge directly in realistic practical situations so as to achieve an optimal learning efficiency.

The training covers the following topics:
• Scrum
• Azure Cognitive Services
• Creating Bots
• Create Language Understanding Functionality with LUIS
• Machine Learning
• Deep Learning
• Neural Networks
• Data Science and Infrastructure AI Tools
• Praktical assignment
• Soft skills training
• Self study (appr. 16-24 hours per week)

For who?

• You have a scientific working and thinking level
• You possess technical insight and affinity met IT
• You possess mathematical and analytical skills
• You are communicative
• You have an eye for detail
• You have the ability to resolve problems
• You are a genuine teamplayer
• You are proficient in English and Dutch

Certification and exams

After successfully finishing the course you will have acquired the following certifications:
• Exam AZ-900: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals
• Exam AI-100: Designing and Implementing an Azure AI Solution

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